Horsing Around is Just Dandy

I didn’t cook anything today for the first time in a while, but the day was full of tasty delights nonetheless. 

Started my day with a run on the bike trail which was so flooded from Irene.  I was in my own world with my ipod blasting tunes into my ears and giving my feet a beat to run with, when a trooper approached me and told me I was to leave.  I didn’t realize but at the time they were blocking off this road so nobody could drive through – oops – not sure how I sneaked through before, but it was tricky getting out.

Irene created a flood smack in the middle of a wooded area


Just a week ago this water was covered in lilly pads from being stagnant - now its flooding up the bike path!

Post run, I was famished.  I decided it was a good idea to make a mini trip up to Saratoga for some Plum Dandy healthy frozen yogurt with fresh fruit toppings I’ve been itching to try.  Walking to Plum Dandy, I passed the all natural health food store which had a mini lunch buffet – I obviously couldn’t resist the beets… or the pesto…

Love beets - on my plate or in my juice!

Ok, moving on to Plum Dandy – my new favorite place, I wish it wasn’t in Saratoga.  All natural frozen yogurt.  Some delicious looking flavors – but I choose 1/2 vanilla (my favorite) and 1/2 traditional plain yogurt (very healthy).  You serve yourself at the fixings bar – I choose fresh berries, kiwi, dark chocolate, and these little passion fruit/tea balls that pop in your mouth and spill out their juice.  Amazing.

My new favorite treat - I hope someone will take me there VERY soon


Hanging with the Saratoga horse while eating my yogurt!

 As I was sitting outside “horsing around”, eating my yogurt on a bench, BJ called me and told me that 87 South was closed due to flooding.  I had to fend for myself and find an alternate, much longer road home.  With nothing to do and nowhere to be, I didn’t mind all that much.  Not looking forward to my summer coming to a close – next week I will be in full swing when school starts back up.  Ah I love the summer – and now certainly an advantage of being a teacher – many more summers off to look forward to – just have to get through this dump of a teaching economy first!

We decided this Long Island wine is buttery, buttery, oaky - we are true wine spectators.

 On my drive home I found out our good friends were faced with evacuating their apartment because they live right on the river and the water was rapidly rising.  Thankfully the water did not reach their apartment – but they stayed with us and we had a fun dinner out to one of our local favorites, Yoshi Sushi.  With some encouragement from our friend, I tried some new sashimi that I wouldn’t usually order (eeeek) may have looked frightening but tasted delicious.   Oh, and the wine from Long Island was a delight – such a delight in fact that I wrote about it in my wine journal (given to me by Tara ❤ ) and the restaurant owner informed me that it is a good thing I have a future husband on my hands because keeping a wine journal, in her opinion, is just crazy.  She seemed very pleased and relieved to find that BJ knows of this “crazy wine journal” and still wants to marry me anyway. 

I love wasabi


I know some of you my gasp - mom especially - but these raw slabs of fish were surprisingly delicious


6 comments on “Horsing Around is Just Dandy

  1. zeelemons says:

    Jeanice– for some reason I can’t see all of the photographs that you are posting… and I know a couple people in the office are saying the same thing. Any idea why?

  2. ksmith721 says:

    I can’t see the pictures either!

  3. jmramos23 says:

    ok up and running!

  4. zeelemons says:

    was the health food store Four Seasons? it’s my favorite!

  5. jmramos23 says:

    Yes four seasons!! So great

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